You just closed on your dream house, now what?

You spent months house hunting, just finished signing what felt like a million documents and finally hold the keys to your new home in your hand. Now the real work begins. Here is a list of tasks that you will want to accomplish before you move your boxes and furniture in:

  • Change out the door locks.  You have the keys to your new home but do you know who else does? Reality is that you do not know who the previous owners gave keys to and you certainly don’t want to find out the hard way. Change those locks and keep your family and your possessions safe.
  • Replace batteries in or install new smoke detectors. The National Fire Prevention Association recommends having a smoke alarm in every bedroom as well as on every floor of your home.  if your new home already has smoke alarms you will want to replace the batteries every year and test monthly to make sure that they are all still working correctly. If you do not know their ages you should replace them since all smoke alarms only last 10 years. Check out the National Fire Prevention Association for more information including what type of smoke alarm works best and where they should be mounted to work best.
  • Install or replace batteries in Carbon Monoxide Alarms.  If you have a fuel burning source in your house or an attached garage you should have Carbon Monoxide Alarms throughout your home to protect you from this invisible danger.
  • Cover your windows. Unless you are an exhibitionist, you will want to have window coverings installed immediately for all of your bedroom and bathroom windows. The rest of the house can always be covered later. This can be as simple as placing temporary window coverings that can be found at Home Depot. You might also consider asking the Sellers if you can have a vendor come in and measure windows for window coverings prior to closing and the schedule for delivery and installation the day after closing.
  • Paint, refinish floors or install carpet. It is so much easier to do any updates or repairs prior to having your all of your furniture delivered
  • Have your new home professionally cleaned. While some Sellers will clean after moving out in preparation for their home’s new owners, most will not. Since the law states that the house only need to be broom cleaned for delivery you will want to freshly clean before you move in.
  • Replace or clean the filters in your heating or air conditioning units. Filters should be replaced between 60 and 90 days depending on your system, how many people and pets occupy the house. If you do any remodeling replace your filters weekly to help keep the dust down.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to change your address. Go to the United States Post Office’s website  and have all of your mail forwarded to your new home.